LTS Connect - Smartphone Quick Guides

Smartphone Setup Guide: How to setup LTS Connect on Android / IOS

Push Notifications & Sharing to other users: YouTube Video

Sharing your Cameras via the APP: How to share your account safely.

PC NVMS V3 - Quick Guides

PC Setup Guide: How to Setup Cameras on Windows

Cloud on PC: Login to PT Cloud on PC

User Manual: Full User Manual & FAQ

MAC Setup Guide: How to Setup Cameras on Mac

USER Manuals

NVR V3 User Manual: Black GUI (Pre 2019)

Backup - Guides

NVR/DVR Backup: Old GUI (Black)

  NVR/DVR Backup: New GUI (Blue)

Web Browser - Guides

Live View / Playback / Download: Great guide on viewing your CCTV cameras via web browser